Taking a “mom-cation”

We all know that the hardest job in the world is being a mother. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it never stops, and with the role of being a mother sometimes comes enormous physical and emotional stress. A recent trend has come up, and social media has blown it up. Mom-cation is where mothers go travelling without their spouse or kids and enjoy themselves once in a while. It may all sound fun, but experts say that it can be a huge positive for mothers to get away from the everyday hustle. It can also improve the relationship with both the husband and the kids.

While improving the relationships, the main benefit of going on a mom-cation is improving their well-being. Not having to deal with the kids all day and plan the day out for them, which can be very stressful, can be a huge relief. Also, psychology professor, Dr. Nava Silton says that taking such vacations or a small-time off can also benefit the other members of the family. Mainly it gives the kids the idea that everyone should feel less stress, and they can see that when their mother comes back, she will be well-rested and happier.

We touched on how the mothers are the ones that most of the time, take care of the kids and plan their day out. Still, also mothers are the ones that keep the household together and make sure everything at home stays tidy and perfect. They also take upon themselves to prepare meals for the family and loads of other things that the family needs on a day-to-day basis.

Before booking that flight and packing up to go somewhere for their mom-cation, they create plans for the spouses, other family members, or friends that will care for the children while they are gone. After the excellent time off, they can come back feeling refreshed, happier, and ready to do their job once again. So many mothers that have talked about how good they feel when they return home and feel relaxed, they are more patient with their kids and are better wives. When they are away from their everyday life, they appreciate more what they have at home and love every second of it when they return.

Taking time off from everyday life can only benefit you, both emotionally and physically. And it can only be for a couple of days or even going out with a friend for a couple of hours.

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