Story Of The Day: Student Scolded By Teacher For Tardiness, Receives Surprise Visit From Elderly Woman At School The Following Day

The story of Archie and Mr. Morgan is a powerful narrative that highlights the profound impact of empathy, support, and perseverance in the face of adversity. As Mr. Morgan navigates his role as a new history teacher, he encounters Archie, a troubled student whose life is much more complicated than meets the eye. Despite challenges such as tardiness, unfinished tasks, and family problems, Mr. Morgan refuses to give up on Archie, going above and beyond to understand his situation and offer help. Their journey together serves as a testament to the transformative power of compassion and the importance of believing in the potential of each individual, regardless of their circumstances. As the story unfolds, it underscores the importance of reaching out to those in need and the profound difference it can make in their lives.

When a boy is late to class, the teacher reprimands him and asks him to talk to his parents. However, the young man is absent the next day and only his grandmother appears, claiming to be ill. When the boy is later unexpectedly visited by his unbelieving instructor, he discovers that the boy’s life is much more troubled than he first thought.

Mr. Morgan’s first day on the job as the new history teacher was full of excitement. A few minutes after class began, the door to the 7th grade classroom creaked open and he was inside ready to wow the class with his presentation on the Great Depression and World War II.

Everyone in the class turned to look at the person who was interrupting their lecture and there was silence. With his eyes fixed on the ground, the young man walked into the room and sat down without saying anything or looking up to address the teacher.

“Good morning, young man,” Mr. Morgan remarked in a firm voice. “You’re twenty minutes late to class today, it’s 9:15. Do you have a valid excuse?”

But the boy did not answer; he just sat.

“Would you please stand up and introduce yourself?” continued Mr. Morgan.

The boy stood up and looked up and said “I’m Archie” he rubbed his sleepy eyes. Archie looked extremely disheveled and dizzy as if he hadn’t even blinked the night before.

“Hi Archie, nice to meet you. Now I’m going to teach you history. You’re late to class. Could you please explain why? You just walked in without explaining and I don’t put up with that kind of thing.” behavior.”

Archie paused for a moment. “Sir, I’m sorry. I slept too late. I’m sorry I came late. “Sir, I was just exhausted,” he concluded, yawning uncontrollably, causing laughter from the entire class.

“Silence!” Mr. Morgan made a request. “You can’t be this late to class Archie. Could you show me your homework? I heard you had homework every weekend from your former history teacher. Will you please show it?”

Mr. Morgan’s face grew uncomfortable as Archie turned his notebook over. “Um, looks like you didn’t do your homework at all.

The boy said sheepishly, “I didn’t, sir,” as the teacher turned to look at the remaining pages.

“What is it, Archie? And this too? You haven’t done any homework this whole semester,” Mr. Morgan chided him. “Alright, so tomorrow I want to meet with your people first. Alternatively, I’ll take you straight to the headmaster’s office. Do you understand that correctly?”

Archie muttered, “Yes, sir,” sinking into his chair.

But when the boy didn’t show up for class the next day, Mr. Morgan became concerned.

It is strange. Archie is not here today, although I instructed him to bring his people. Let’s hope I didn’t scare him.

Mr. Morgan worriedly finished the rest of his lecture and said, “I just wanted to help him.”

“Alright, everyone! I’ll see you tomorrow. Don’t forget to turn in your assignment too. It’s due in two days,” he stated as he began packing up and getting ready to leave. Just then he noticed an older woman waiting outside the classroom; she looked 80 years old.

“Excuse me, are you looking for someone?” asked Mr. Morgan.

The woman said, “I’m Willow, Archie’s grandmother,” and cleared her throat a little. “Mrs Parker.

“Oh, Mrs. Parker, nice to meet you. Archie didn’t go to school today. Is he doing okay?”

Grandma shook her head. “No, I told my grandson not to go to school because he seemed a little under the weather this morning. You wanted to meet his people, he said. What would you like to talk about then? My daughter can’t go. You can let me know and I’ll tell her.”

Mr. Morgan expressed his concerns about Archie’s tardiness, incomplete assignments, and subpar academic results. He stressed the urgency of discussing these matters with Archie’s mother.

Archie’s mother was to meet Archie’s grandmother, it was agreed. Although Mr. Morgan was relieved, he was still worried about the boy’s school performance. He frowned as he watched Archie’s grandmother leave the school.

Mr. Smith, the headmaster, arrived a moment later. Could you please visit my office?

I’d like to talk about something very important.”

The headmaster sat at his office desk and laced his fingers together on the stable surface. Archie is a beautiful child, but things are not easy for him now, Mr. Morgan. Since you are new, you may not know that his mother is in trouble and that his father died. His grades were affected by these things. We have decided to deport him next month because he cannot continue.”

Mr. Morgan objected, stunned, saying, “Expulsion him? But why? Yes, it bothers him, but expulsion is not the answer. Instead of rejection, he needs direction. What if he takes the wrong course of action?”

“We have to stick to our standards. Archie has been given opportunities, but nothing has changed. Our academic numbers are affected by his presence,” Mr. Smith shook his head.

Mr. Morgan unsuccessfully tried to argue further.

The headmaster told him to do an assessment in anticipation of Archie’s formal release. However, the newly hired history instructor couldn’t take a back seat.

In an effort to inform his mother, he drove to Archie’s residence that evening. He knocked repeatedly and when no one answered, he gently opened the door. The room was full of sights of empty whiskey bottles all around and the smell of rancid booze.

“Mrs. Parker? Archie,” he shouted but jumped when he saw Archie’s grandmother.

She asked just as shocked, “Mr. Morgan, what brings you here?”

“I wanted to talk to Archie’s mother and discuss… All I’m worried about is Archie.” “Where is he?” he asked.

She answered quickly, “He’s getting medicine,” but her gaze darted across the room.

“Alone? Isn’t he sick?” Mr. Morgan wrinkled his nose and asked.

“He’s capable.” Her hand turned in response, “I’ve got work to do here.

Mr. Morgan nodded reluctantly and stood up to excuse himself. But Archie was coming back just as he was leaving. The teacher stopped abruptly at the sight of the disheveled boy, who had dirty clothes and a strong smell of tobacco.

The young man looked at him with wide eyes before running away.

Mr. Morgan, catching up with him, said, “Don’t run.” “I stopped by to visit you. What’s happening? Why do you smell smoky?”

Archie fidgeted and then looked at his instructor.

“Please, sir, go back home and don’t come here again.

I just need to wash up and I’m fine.”

“Are you tired? Your grandmother said you were sick because you didn’t come to school. You’re hiding something, I know it. I can help you, tell me,” pleaded the instructor.

Archie begged him to go one more time, but Mr. Morgan refused to give up. The headmaster intends to have you expelled, Archie. You have to tell me what’s going on, but I won’t allow it. “Why didn’t you go to school?” he demanded.

The child hesitated, but as he let go of what felt like a lifetime’s burden on his shoulders, the floodgates quickly opened.

“My mom borrowed money from shady people when my dad died. She started drinking while working in an illegal cigarette factory. I noticed her – holding a needle. I help with her debt by working part-time at the factory,” the young man admitted with a downcast look.

“You are too young at this age. It’s bad for your health. Isn’t that a bad choice?

“Wouldn’t you do the same for your mother?” Archie shot back.

Mr. Morgan shook his head, expressing more irritation than denial. “You belong in a better place.

Look at your hands; they belong in books, not smoke. We’ll help your mother when you go back to school, he offered.

What is the impact? You could submit a bad review and get me banned. Nothing will change; I am the weakest student in the class,” said the dejected boy.

Archie resisted Mr. Morgan’s attempts to persuade him and turned to leave. “Mr. Morgan, I’m fine. I have to make dinner for the brothers. “Grandma’s broth is disgusting!

“How about we switch places? You work on your homework while I make dinner. You can keep working, but when you get home, focus on your academics,” Mr. Morgan said.

“If you want to burn your fingers in my kitchen, go for it!” Archie said with a shrug.

To help Archie concentrate on his studies, Mr. Morgan prepared a meal for his family. It changed in a rut. Sometimes Dad went to the factory to help Archie with his homework. They were closer than they could have ever imagined as they worked, studied, and talked together.

After a month, Archie’s academic performance improved, leading the principal to reconsider the expulsion. “I am grateful, Mr. Morgan. I could not have completed this task without you,” Archie choked out.

“No, Archie, it’s your hard work,” replied a jubilant Mr. Morgan.

A knock on the door interrupted their cheers as they ate. When Archie answered, the social workers from Child Protection Services who were waiting outside gave his heart a lift.

They said, “Can we come and meet your guardian?” Before the boy could answer, they walked in and quickly decided to act.

One of the staff said, “I’m sorry, but we have to take you and your brothers to a temporary group home until we can find a better location.”

“No! This is where we live.” Archie protested as they wrapped their arms around him, “We’re not leaving.” He shouted loudly as he fought the workers. “Leave me alone… Don’t take us away. , please

Grandma, Mr. Morgan, please help us.”

Mr. Morgan assured Archie that everything would work out in the end as he watched them leave.

Archie pleaded desperately, but they were taken to a shelter. For a period of time, the child tried unsuccessfully to get in touch with both the mother and Mr. Morgan.

“Mr. Morgan! Archie, it’s me. Do you still remember me? The kid who never finished his homework and smelled of tobacco?” Archie came out as himself.

They sat together and discussed life and their experiences since the last time they met. Mr. Morgan then cleared his throat, and his following remarks were melancholy and serious.

I called CPS that day. All I wanted for your children was a better life. He apologized for not telling you and hoped you would forgive him. Then he let out a gust of wind.

“I sensed there was trouble. Archie laughed but turned serious. “At first I thought it was Mr. Smith, but then I realized he was only interested in my grades. “Morgan, I owe you everything. When others didn’t believe me, you did.”

Archie swallowed and paused for a moment.

“The best choice is not always the easiest,” the young man said, chewing on his bottom lip.

Mr. Morgan covered his eyes to hide the wetness and nodded. God be praised.

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In conclusion, the story of Archie and Mr. Morgan serves as a poignant reminder of the profound impact that compassion, devotion, and support can have on a person’s life, especially during times of hardship. Despite overwhelming challenges, including family struggles, academic struggles, and the looming threat of expulsion, Archie finds solace and guidance in the unwavering support of his teacher, Mr. Morgan. Through a shared journey of perseverance and determination, they not only overcame obstacles but also formed a deep bond rooted in mutual trust and understanding. Their story underscores the transformative power of empathy and the importance of lending a helping hand to those in need. As Archie bravely faces the uncertainty of his future, he does so knowing that he is not alone, knowing that he has someone who believes in him and is willing to go above and beyond to ensure his well-being. It is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring influence of kindness and compassion in our lives.

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