Six New York boys put up with their classmates’ crude humor and mockery.

Because of their long hair, six boys from New York had to put up with the cruel comments and mockery of their classmates, but when their mother learned about it, she had them all trimmed! The others had a moment of guilt and started crying as they understood what was actually driving their desire to let their hair down.

Six boys—two twins, a 10-year-old boy, a pair of triplets, and Phoebe Kannisto—live in Cheektowaga, New York. All six kids left their hair to get quite long, which made their classmates tease them every day.

Nobody was aware of the true motivation behind the six children’s decision to simultaneously let their hair grow out that long. Even their parents were unaware of the reasoning behind their choice. Despite their youth, they had a very compelling reason.

They had a close family friend who was their age, and they were quite proud of him. This friend had passed away from cancer. They clearly recalled that their friend had lost his hair before his passing as a result of cancer treatment. They were really saddened by the loss of their buddy and decided to do something to help the young children who are impacted by this dreadful illness and endure hair loss.

Their plan was to grow their hair exceedingly long in order to donate it to a non-profit organization that helps children suffering from this sickness and, indirectly, hair loss as a result of it.The long-awaited moment finally arrived when their mother learned the reasoning behind this choice and decided it was time to have a haircut after months of working to grow and take care of their hair. Everyone was astounded by the maturity and teamwork displayed by the six children.

The kids’ effort was not in vain, as they discovered to their great astonishment that they had collected a total of 5 meters of hair. Everyone who mocked them and raised a finger at them was in awe of their accomplishments. This should serve as a lesson to all of us because if these kids can go through all that for their fellow humans, then we should all do what we can to support those in need.

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