Single mom fosters 2 girls then learns they have 2 baby brothers & doesn’t have heart to split them up

Youngsters should have the best. Their basic needs, such as food and clothing, are met, and they live in a cozy home with a loving family. Not every child, though, is born with this luxury.

Some kids are abandoned to live in foster homes and shelters with no idea what the future holds.

They are waiting for the ideal family to give them the affection and attention they so richly deserve.

A former educator took in a large number of foster children in her home; for some reason, four of those children changed her life.

Melissa Servetz, a single mother and former teacher, has spent the last five years working in social services. She welcomed kids in need of foster homes into her heart and home because of this.

She had fostered 56 children over the years. It’s safe to say that throughout the years, she assisted a lot of kids. In the end, she agreed that she would foster one more before calling it quits.

She was unaware that the final item needed to achieve her personal objective was “one more.”

Melissa’s maternal instinct kicked in when she considered adopting one more. She said it was her lifelong dream to become a mother. It broke her heart to see her four surviving foster children.

She thought back to all the ups and downs she had experienced with them, as well as all the experiences the children had. Melissa considered adopting them, and by doing so, she fulfilled her lifelong dream of becoming a mother in addition to giving the kids a home.

Melissa believed the children had come to her by fate. She was teaching at Tampa Bay when a parent of a former pupil approached her and informed her that some children needed a temporary place to live. She said they were in the care of an agency and were going to be evicted from their house.

She verified that two girls required foster care over the phone with the agency. She picked up the oldest of the four, Jade, a week later, and then switched to picking up Destiny.

The mother of the kids gave birth to two more boys, Matthew and Emerson, who also required foster care. Melissa was unable to say no because she lacked the courage to keep them apart. She decided she would adopt all four and leave no child behind after having that same thought.

Melissa was aware of the trauma the children had experienced, particularly that of Jade and Destiny, who were abused. To process their trauma and help Melissa learn how to interact with the kids, they all attend counseling.

“I want them to remember that I picked them… and I have, in my opinion, the best children in the world,” Melissa told Good Morning America.

She believed her four children had a bright future. She described them as a mix of playful, active, and enthusiastic children who were also compassionate, loving, and gentle.

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