Shark Attack Ends Up Saving Man’s Life

Most people would curse a shark if it attacked them, but Eugene Finney says he will be forever thankful. Eugene was vacationing with his family in California and enjoying a day at the beach when he felt something hit his back with tremendous force.

He was disoriented and in pain and swam back to the beach. When he rinsed off his daughter told him he had a long gash on his back. That’s when they noticed lifeguards calling people in after shark fins had been spotted in the water.

He flew home to Massachusetts but the pain in his chest wasn’t going away so he went to the hospital where he was diagnosed with “interior bruising of the thoracic cavity, due to blunt-force trauma”.

But that’s not the only thing doctors diagnosed him with. They also found a cancerous tumour on his kidney, something they would never have found so early if he had not been hit by the shark.

Eugene is probably the only person who can say that a shark saved his life! Share this amazing story with your family and friends!


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