School’s Disgusting Food Picture Goes Viral

School days are one of the best times a person ever spends. A lot of us remember the good the bad and the ugly of our school days, all of the friends we’ve made during the time we were in school, all of the gossip and school life in general. But, most of all I remember the school meals we got, and I loved them.


Image Source: Facebook

But, we know that each school has its own procedure of giving food to children. But, there are some expectations to be met from schools when parents send their children to school hungry. Nobody is expecting schools to be giving some exotic foods, but no one wants their kid eating garbage… Take a look at what one parent’s kid got for lunch in a school in the city of Dubois, Pennsylvania, USA a couple of years ago. When you take a look at the picture and notice the quality of the food, you will understand why this picture has received tons of criticism.

And like with anything of these proportions, the picture started going viral almost instantly. And, the local TV reported on this, they described the situation and how the meal on the image was served to a kid in the school’s cafeteria.

You can notice the color of the meal on the picture, and there is a dark brownish color with grease spots as well as some of the contents of the meal.

Dr. Luke Lansberry is the superintendent in the school and around the area of this incident, and he spoke to the local TV “WJACTV.” He noted that the reasoning behind the color of the meal is the high temperature that the meal was cooked on, and he told WJACTV what the mysterious meal was supposed to be.

He said that the meal on the picture is a hamburger and that the workers cook them at high temperatures more than 170 degrees, and burgers should be cooked at 155 degrees max. He also added that the hamburger might have been overcooked and he said that this might have been the reason why it looked like that, because of the fact that the ingredients surfaced out of the meat. Lansberry said that the food was totally edible, and he stayed on his initial believes that the school didn’t make any mistake. But, he said that the school was going to take hamburgers off the menu.

He stated that the food service director talked to the state and let them know about the problem. He also said that they made it clear to the state that they won’t be accepting the hamburgers on the menu in their district in order to give the best food possible to the students.

He ended his interview with a hope that all kids get food as good as his district gave.

What are your thoughts on the situation with the food in our schools? Do you think that the school made a mistake and they should accept it, or do you think that there was nothing wrong with this situation?