Sahar Tabar: A Controversial Transformation

Sahar Tabar, a young Iranian woman, gained notoriety for her astonishing transformation. By undergoing multiple plastic surgeries, Tabar aimed to resemble the iconic Hollywood actress, Angelina Jolie. However, her altering appearance and peculiar choices sparked a storm of debate and controversy.

At just 19 years old, Tabar reportedly underwent over 50 surgeries in a quest to enhance her looks. While she may not have explicitly stated her desire to look like Jolie, her fans certainly made the connection. Tabar used social media as a platform to flaunt her drastically altered features, including gaunt cheekbones, plumped lips, and a noticeably different nose.

It is worth noting that there is speculation surrounding the authenticity of these surgeries. Some have raised doubts, suggesting that the images may have been heavily edited or digitally altered.

Tabar’s social media presence, particularly her Instagram account with nearly four million followers under the handle @sahartabar official, drew attention to her unusual appearance. However, her controversial content ultimately led to the removal of her account, much to her disapproving mother’s relief.

In an interview with the Russian website Sputnik, Tabar revealed that her intention was never to fully resemble Jolie. Instead, she viewed her appearance as a form of self-expression and art. She emphasized that her fans were aware that her exaggerated looks did not reflect her true self.

The consequences of Tabar’s actions were severe. In October 2019, she was arrested under allegations of posting blasphemous photos on Instagram. Additionally, she faced accusations of illegally purchasing property, inciting violence, negatively influencing youth, earning money unethically, and violating the country’s strict dress code for women. The young woman received a lengthy ten-year prison sentence and was incarcerated in Qarchak, known as one of the harshest women’s prisons.

During Tabar’s imprisonment, Iranian activist Masih Alinejad took to social media, drawing attention to the case. Alinejad urged Angelina Jolie, the real Hollywood actress, to speak out and offer her opinion. With Tabar released after 14 months, Alinejad’s plea serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggles faced by activists striving for justice and human rights in Iran.


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