Police officer has adorable conversation with a tiny baby owl

Police officers never know what they will come across at the scene when they are answering all those calls for help. But sometimes, they don’t even know what they will stumble upon while patrolling as well, and this time, a group of officers came face to face with one of the cutest little creatures we’ve ever seen; an adorable baby owl.

Of course, the moment they noticed the bird that was in the middle of the road, the Boulder County Sheriff’s deputies couldn’t help but stop and greet the little baby. Needless to say, the “conversation” one of them had with it melted millions of hearts.

The officer got close and said “hi.” What followed were a few awesome head twists.

Screenshot: YouTube/ Boulder County BOCC

After the unusual and lovely encounter and some long eye-to-eye stares, the little bird safely flew away.

Screenshot: YouTube/ Boulder County BOCC

You can see the heartwarming encounter in the video below. You are going to love it!

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