Police Officer Buys Pizza To Homeless Woman And Spends Time With Her.

Homeless people usually don’t get treated very well. We sometimes forget that they are human too and they deserve respect. But there are some amongst us who do their best to treat everybody equally. Although most people out there are indifferent towards homeless people and they usually see them as dirty or unworthy of talking to. These people used to have a life before. And we must help them. Just tonight I saw something that made me truly mad. A homeless man was on the streets and the police stopped and forcibly got him up from the sidewalk where he was sleeping. 

Why couldn’t they just let the poor man sleep? If they couldn’t handle him some food then at least they could leave him to sleep in peace. But not all police officers are the same. Although police are infamous for their wrongdoings, there are some police officers out there who try to do their  best to help the community. This article is about a cop who spent his lunchtime sharing pizza with a homeless woman. Officer Michael Rivers set an example for other police officers to do the right thing. He did not hesitate to show compassion to this homeless woman. He did something that other people would never do because they have too much of a big ego.

The woman was wearing a typical shirt. The shirt was white and it read homeless is the quickest way becoming a nobody. At first Michael started driving away but then he had a sudden change of heart. He turned around his car and asked the woman if she had eaten that day. Her answer was no. That is when Michael decided to buy her lunch. He bought a pepperoni and cheese pizza and went and sat right next to her in the grass. The woman’s name was Michelle and she decided to share her life story with Michael.

The moment Michael and Michelle shared together was captured on camera in a heartwarming photo. If everybody was this nice to homeless people there would be no more homeless people. I think it’s time we all start learning from an example like this. And we start treating homeless people as equal to us. After all they’re human beings and they have a lot of stories to tell. I think they have been through stuff that most of us would not imagine. Maybe their kids abandoned them when they got old. Or maybe they lost their job and were deeply in debt. Whatever the reason, we need more people like Michael.

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