People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You

There’s nothing worse than waking up and your day just doesn’t go as planned.

We’ve all been there, whether it’s arriving late to the work or running out of gas or spilling a coffee on your clean white shirt!! 

Scroll down to see the pictures which will make you realize just how bad things can be in comparison. 

Looking ripped…..

Tap on image to view gallery.

Batman….nope just a guy from the French SWAT team.

Ouch thats gotta hurt!

Keys Inside Armored Truck

When You Find Out You Sleepwalk


That Sucks

Oh Dear

Best Picture Of Myself That’s Ever Been Taken

A Love That Burns

If You Can’t Beats Them, Join Them

Forking Flat

The Whole Point Of Annonymous??

Spent $11.75 Growing Tomatoes This Year. Here’s My Whole Harvest

No Messing About Here

Girl Bleached Her Hair And Put A Plastic Bag From Walmart Over It…..

Context Matters

I’m Alive..


Lanyard Caught On The Handle And My Keys Swung Inside The Door

So I Started Work As A Beekeeper Last Week……Ouch!


Not Sure Who Is More Unpleased

I’m Going To Swing From The Chandelier…..

Someone At Porsche Is Going To Lose Their Job

It’s A Me A-Marioooo …oh

This Was A Rude Awakening

Jonah Hill Dropping His Coffee

From A Scret Admirer

Wasn’t Expecting That.

When You Use The Wrong Spray

Strange Taste In My Tea

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