We have heard cases whereby people who suffered from cancer didn’t make it at the end. So, we can say it is rare to find people who survived cancer. We can say these people are hero because they did the unexpected. They reached out beyond their abilities. They the heroes we proclaim to be because when everyone had given up on them, they came out strong. Well, we are going to be looking at one of such hero stories. Our hero of today is an eight year old boy Cameron Scott.

Cameron was diagnosed with a stage 4 brain cancer. Wow, and he survived that? With the assistance of brilliant minds at St. Jude Children Research Hospital, this was made possible. Gone are those days, where diseases like this make us losing faith but with technology, science and brilliant minds like this, there’s hope. The cancer had spread to spine and this made his movement impossible. He went under surgery and after this was transferred to St. Jude’s where it was discovered that he had 4 diseases. Through their pioneered gene sequencing system, he was treated.

He went through 6 months of radiation and chemotherapy. His father mentioned that he was so proud of his son. He never expected that this would be the outcome. When he was asked, Cameron said that he feels like everything has ended and he was feeling okay. We can all learn something from Cameron and take our problems head-on.


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