Oprah Winfrey, 70, hospitalized – Fans pray for her

Recently, Oprah Winfrey’s spokesperson announced on Instagram that she would be appearing on CBS Mornings to announce her newest book club pick. Unfortunately, over the weekend, the popular host became ill with a stomach virus. Gayle King stepped in to explain why Winfrey was absent.

“Ms. Winfrey is recovering following a stomach virus and received an IV due to dehydration at the recommendation of her doctor,” a representative for Winfrey told CNN in a statement on Tuesday. “She is resting and feeling better every day.”

In a video call posted on Gayle King’s Instagram page, Winfrey told her best friend and journalist that she “couldn’t keep enough water down to keep her hydrated,” which led her to seek hospital treatment.

King told viewers that Winfrey will ultimately “be OK” following the health setback.

“[I hope] she’s not mad at me for sharing that detail,” she added.

In a joint interview for the New York Times in January, Winfrey and King enthusiastically praised each other and discussed the reasons behind their strong friendship.

“She is a blunt truth-teller. Even if you don’t want to hear it,” King said of Winfrey at the time. “[We] enjoy each other very, very much.”

Back in January, Winfrey showed that despite being 70 she’s very physically active.

The video she posted on Instagram showed the media mogul running on the beach together with her pup and another woman. In the caption, she prized health as the best gift and thanked people who sent her birthday wishes.

Many were amazed by Winfrey’s physical strength at her age and were quick to comment under the video.

She also wrote an article reflecting on turning 70 a day before her birthday, which was published on Oprah Daily.

“As I turn 70, I know how blessed I am to be here. Honestly, getting older when you have the means to take care of yourself is a gift to be treasured […] to reach this major milestone feels like grace in action.”

Winfrey chose a more laid-back celebration instead of an extravagant one, citing advice from a friend. Despite receiving numerous lavish suggestions for how to celebrate, she decided to keep it simple.

“I […] finally did what one friend, Wintley, recommended. He said, ‘You’re too blessed to stress. Savor the fragrances of your extraordinary life.’”

In another part of her article she said she strives to begin each day with joy, recognizing the blessing of being alive and the opportunity to embark on new endeavors.  “At my age, you recognize the poignancy of time passing.”

She perceives aging as a gift, “And you know, people say that you’re never as young as you are right now at this moment. And while that may be true, I’m okay with that because aging brings great gifts—like being able to do more things that you want to do rather than what you have to do.”

She discussed the importance of keeping fit and added that with age comes wisdom to choose the best for oneself.

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