One of the last World War 2 women veterans celebrates the 104th birthday.

My grandfather is 93 years old and he still feels young. To me, age is nothing more than a number. A digit in the government’s system. Take the cosmos for example. If you think in a universal way then the age of the Earth compared to our own is much, much greater than we can imagine. But we have the power inside of us to imagine that. Like I said my grandfather is 93 and he feels young. It would be awesome if we would have a greater life expectancy. My great grandfather died at 105 years old, while his son, (my grandfather), says that he will surpass him and reach the age of 107.

I am in my mid-twenties for the moment and based on my lifestyle I hope to be lucky enough to reach the age of 70. I am just talking out fear of death right now but is in my bloodline to have a long life. So I will probably reach the age of 100. And that is a number that not many of us tend or are lucky enough to reach. It must be a beautiful thing to reach that number. One full century of life.


Just like this World War 2 woman veteran who has celebrated her 104th birthday recently. I have written many articles about World War Two veterans who have been lucky enough to surpass the age of 100. Maybe it has to do something with the generation itself. Maybe the generation that was born during the 1920s has a longer life expectancy than the average.

Ruth Sparks has just turned 104 years old recently and she still feels great. She lives in Sant Antonio of Texas but she originally came from Denmark. Her family decided to move to America when she was only eleven in the year 1926. Her family originally moved to New York and kept living there until the year 1945 when Ruth herself decided to volunteer for World War Two. She decided to join WAVES which stands for Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Services and serves as a secretary and also a mechanic. After the war she didn’t really enjoy living in the North so she decided to move to the South for the warmer weather. She moved to Sant Antonio of Texas where she lives today.


During those times she met her husband and they created a family together. Now Ruth is turning 104 and life probably seems only like a dream to her. It is crazy how years pass by. How time flies and suddenly you see yourself old and left only with memories of what you have done. That is why is important to enjoy life. And I think the best way to enjoy life is to do what you love instead of following the money. That is the secret to the previous generations I think because back then people were not too stressed about making a lot of money but instead living a happy and lonh life.

Written by Viralstuff

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