Olivia de Havilland, aka Melanie Hamilton from the movie Gone With The Wind Dies At The Age of 104.

Olivia de Havilland, the winner of the Academy Award two times has passed away at the age of 104. She is remembered as one of the greatest Hollywood stars ever.

Olivia was half British and half American and she is remembered for her role in the movie Gone With the Wind where she starred as Melanie Hamilton. She passed away at her home in Paris this past Saturday. On July 1 she celebrated her birthday and she was the last surviving star of the movie Gone With The Wind which was released in 1939.

Olivia had a really great life and career. She appeared in a total of 49 movies that gave her the fame she has today.
She has won the Oscar for Best Actress on the movies the Heiress 1949 and To Each His Own 1946.
Suzelle Smith her former lawyer broke the news saying that the world lost a great treasure.

The actress was born in Tokyo and she had a younger sister who is also an actress known as Joan Fontaine. Olivia was born in 1916 and she moved to California with Lillian her mother who was also an actress who divorced their father who was a patent attorney from the UK in 1919.
Olivia and Joan had one of the most infamous rivalries between siblings in the movie industry history.

The beginning of the rivalry was never known to the public but behind the scenes, rumors say that it was all caused by a purely professional competition and their mother was probably involved in it too.

In 1942 both Olivia and Joan were nominated for Best Actress Oscar but Joan managed to win from her role in the movie Suspicion with director Alfred Hitchcock. At the time Olivia was nominated for the movie Hold Back the Dawn in which collaborated with Charles Boyer and she played the role of a teacher who was conned by a Romanian gigolo.

The rivalry was so intense and they were both starting to compete with each other for movie rules and also relationships with powerful men such as Howard Hughes.

When Olivia finally got her Oscar for the movie To Each His Own Joan waited in the backstage to give her the congrats. Rumours say that Olivia avoided her saying that she felt annoyed.

They tried to reconcile their differences over the years but the relationship would completely get destroyed after their mother passed away 1975 and occasion in which Joan was not invited.

During a memorial in 1978 called No Bed of Roses where she said that having a sister was similar to her husband because you can divorce her as well. She also explained how she doesn’t meet her and has no intention of doing so.

The competition was so strong that Joan said that she did everything first before Olivia like winning the Oscar first, getting married first, and if she is to die first she will be glad because she beat her again.

And indeed Juan died first in December 2013. Back then Olivia went on an interview saying how she was shocked sad by the news.

The first debut for Olivia de Havilland was in 1935 in a Shakespeare’s comedy called a Midsummer Nights Dream.
However, she would reach a new peak when she starred in Captain Blood in collaboration with Errol Flynn and later in the movie The Adventures of Robin Hood 1938.

Rumors had it that Olivia and Flynn we’re lovers but in 2009
she explained that nothing happened between them. She explained in the interview that she felt really attracted to him but nothing beyond that ever happened between them.

Olivia was under a long contract with Warner Bros. Olivia stared with Flynn on the side for seven other movies.
In 1944 she pressed charges against Jack Warner who was the studio director at the time and she managed to be saved from the seven-year-old binding contract making a new law for all the Hollywood actors known as the Hallivand.

The law explains that an employee cannot have a contract with an employer up to the limit of seven years.
Olivia spoke on the matter saying that she was really proud for making such a decision and correcting the abuse that came from having that type of contract. The actors who managed to profit out of this law were the ones who fought in World War II.
Olivia would go on to have other battles besides this one such as the ones with the communist supporters in Hollywood.
Around the 50s her career started to go down however she managed to make quite of memorable performances in the movie My Cousin Rachel 1952 Light In the Piazza 1962 and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane 1962.
Continuing her career throughout the 70s she left a mark in the television by winning a Golden Globe for the movie Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna

In 2017 Olivia became the oldest individual to receive the Title Dame. At the time she said that she was really proud that the queen made her a Commander for the Order of the British Empire.
In 2018 she tried to sue Ryan Murphy for featuring her as a character.
The series made-up words that she never said and words that go on the contrary to her long profession.
The series pictured Olivia talking about her sister as if she was a really bad person. But her lawsuit was not taken into consideration because the other party sided the first amendment.

Olivia was married to Pierre Galante who was French. She met her husband in 1953 during the Cannes Film Festival. That’s when she decided to move to France.
From her first marriage with Marcus Goodrich, she had a son named Benjamin Goodrich she divorced her husband in 1953

Her ex-husband died at the age of 42 after he suffered from Hodgkin’s disease.
Olivia had another child with Pierre which this time was the daughter that she named Gisele however she ended up separating from there in 1962.

In 1988 Olivia made her first appearance in British TV with the movie The Woman He Loved.

However, she is better remembered for her role in the movie Gone With The Wind. People cannot easily forget the role of Melanie Hamilton. When she turned 99 years old she spoke on the movie and on the fact that it was nostalgic to look at her old friends once again on the screen.

She explained how the movie didn’t make her cry but gave her pure joy within.
Olivia decided to live in the same house that she used to in the 1950s before she died.

She had a really long and outstanding career and she was grateful for what she has done in our life.

She also talked about how if she would have the same opportunities today she wouldn’t go into the same business because Hollywood has just changed much in her opinion.

De Havilland died at home in Paris, the city where she lived since the ’50s. Her publicist said she died of natural causes.

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