Off-duty officer notices a distressed mother with her baby chocking and turning blue – He grabs the baby and performs CPR

Police officers are those people who go above and beyond for the safety of the members of their community, not because their job requires them to do so, but because they are simply used to doing good and being there for people in trouble.

As officer Gilbert Troche of the San Pablo Police Department was out with his family, he noticed a woman by the side of the road. She was standing next to her car and had her baby in her arms. From what officer Troche could see, the woman was clearly distressed and in need of help.

“She appeared to be crying hysterically,” he said, according to KRON-TV. “She was holding her baby kind of against her shoulder, so I stopped the car, I jumped out, and I went over to her.”

Without hesitating, he rushed towards her and asked her if everything was okay, but it was then that he noticed her baby wasn’t breathing.

Officer Troche grabbed the little one and started performing CPR. He then told the mother to call 911. Luckily, the baby’s throat cleared up, it threw up, and then started crying. It was the sound everyone was hoping for.

The department shared the incredible story on their Facebook page, praising Officer Troche’s brave act.

“This past weekend our very own Officer Troche was out enjoying his time off with his family when they came across a mother stopped on the road in a state of distress.

“Officer Troche realized her baby was having a medical emergency and he leapt into action. He began life-saving measures on the infant and was able to get the baby breathing again.

“Officer Troche’s heroic actions are nothing short of a miracle and we are extremely proud to have him as a member of our Police Department. His quick thinking and decisive action no doubt saved a life.”

Needless to say, he was dubbed a hero by everyone who has stumbled upon the uplifting story.

“I definitely don’t feel like a hero,” Officer Troche said. “I think that anybody in that situation that [had] seen her there as distraught as she was would have probably tried to do the same thing.”

Thank you, officer.

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