The children were shocked, as they found out that the inheritance of their father went to a stranger. The mother had shared the story on the Reddit’s r/AITA subreddit.

The children didn’t liked the idea, and couldn’t believe that the inheritance of their father received by someone else than them.

The mother, with her Reddit username, u/Positive-Purple-487, had shared the story as she stated that she was married to her husband for 20 years, before he passed away. He lost his life due to his cancer.

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The woman shared that her husband had two children from his previous marriage. She explained that the children were teens at the time they had married, and she had a 7-year-old from her previous relationship, so they were had their fills with children, as the mother stated.

She stated that she wanted to be a family with her husband’s children, but they never accepted her. They were rude against the woman, and was verbally attacking her whenever they got the chance.

The children were thinking that she was after the money of their father, but in truth, as she stated, her family was way more wealthier than her husband, so she was actually living below her means, as she shared.

She stated that she decided to stay at home to take care of her daughter, as she was able to afford it. She stated that she had money, so she never needed the money of her husband. But as she shared, she didn’t talked about it with her husband, or his children. Because she wanted people treat her as herself, not for her wealth.

When he was diagnosed with cancer, his children refused to stay with him. As the woman shared, her husband had suffered for three years. As her daughter was helping them whenever she could, a 20-year-old girl was trying her best to help them.

She was working as a waitress at a cafe nearby. They were going there whenever they can, and they were customers.

As they learned from her, she was a single mother, who was attending to a community college during the nights. She had two kids. When she learned that the husband of the woman was diagnosed with cancer, she came and help, whenever she could.

After her husband passed away, she was helpful with the funeral arrangements. And then his children came, and all they were caring about his inheritance.

Then she learned that her husband left his house to his wife, which was valued, $250,000. The woman had left the house to the single mother, who was working at the cafe.

As her daughter had understand that she gave the house to the single mother, she was upset that she received nothing. The woman had explained that she already has her mother’s money, and the house did not belonged to her own father.

The ex-wife and children of her husband had created a drama, and in very bad terms with her with the thing she did.

As the Redditors had read the story of u/Positive-Purple-487, they had stated that she was right with her actions, and the children didn’t deserved the money of her husband.

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