Meet The Adorable Miniature Horse – And Yes, They Are Fully Grown!

Meet the mini horse, they are the same as your average horse, just smaller (and cuter)

Oh. My. God. It's A Baby, Appaloosa, Mini Horse

They came about around the 1600s in Europe and only grow up to 97cm in height.

Mini Horse With A Baby

Often used to fill in for assistance dogs, these adorable creatures are very friendly towards humans.

Mini Horse Mimi

data-reader-unique-id="17">They are too small to be ridden by humans, even by children, so they are often trained for driving or left as a pet.

Tiny Horse Or Giant Dog?

They can make great companions and can spend their days as an adorable and beautiful family pet.

Just A Mini Horse

Miniature horses are often either Falabella horses or South African Miniature horses.

Mini Horse
Little Horse With Teddy Bear
Went To A Mini-horse Farm And Ran Into These Two Foals
This Is A Tiny Horse
My Vet Friend Rescued A Abandoned Baby Mini Horse

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