Man sees something in the sky: people say it looks like a sign from God

A man in Italy has recently seen a figure shining in the sky. The figure looked like something divine trying to send us a message from above. Alfredo Lo Brutto decided to capture a photo of this majestic view he was seeing and posted it on Facebook. It went viral in an instant and people started claiming that it was the silhouette of Jesus shining above us and reminding us that a higher power does exist. 

Well, a lot of people like to think about that. But in my eyes, it was just the perfect moment where the sun shined through a crack of a cloud and it appeared as a person that looked like he wanted to hug us all. Plus haven’t we all seen sun rays shine from cloud cracks? Like it is normal right?  It is definitely calming to say that something more powerful than us is watching over us. It is just more comforting and we there feel like a baby in the arms of a mother. 

Now I am not saying anything atheistic because it is not in my hands to decide what is real or not but what I am saying is for people to calm down a bit and not think that everything that shines, has a head and their arms open is Jesus or God or the holy spirit, why should we not call it the beauty of nature and just thank our planet for these beautiful formations that take place in the sky or anywhere else.

I kind of had a story similar to this one where I was in the car with my cousin at night and we were in a roadway where it was pitch black and suddenly we saw something strange in the sky that looked like three circular lights that had formed a triangle. We did not focus so much on it as much as we found them weird because they were kind of distant. What really left both of us shocked is that after a few moments the lights were very near us, so near it kind of seemed impossible for them to be anything else than a spaceship.

The lights continued to come near us and drift away several times leaving us very confused then the moment when they were approaching again they vanished right in front of our eyes. It was just weird. When I told my wife this she did not really believe me and said that I was exaggerating and that they were probably some disco lights that were in the distant but I was sure of what I saw and those were no disco lights. It was more like an alien spaceship. But whatever, I guess I will never know what it was. 

I like to think that everything that our eyes see has a scientific explanation and because people do not have all the answers of this universe, they try to make up stories or match an unexplainable happening with a myth they have heard. 

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