Who told you that you cannot make the most of your last days? The letter a 83 year old sent her companion says otherwise. Her letter will encourage you to carry on with a satisfied life doing everything you can. In the letter, she revealed to her friend about the way she has built up the drive for perusing more, cleaning less, simply sitting in the yard and enjoying yard and putting in quality energy with her family and friends.
She said that life is full of encounters that you are to enjoy and not suffer, and how she knows such moments and then enjoys them. She said she doesn’t waste time any longer, wearing her preferred jacket to the market and wearing her extraordinary perfume. She talks about time, saying that sometime or another and one of nowadays are words she never uses again. She does everything she thinks it’s worth it now.

She specifies how everybody underestimates tomorrow and miracles what her friends would have done any other way in the event that they were still around. She went further and said that it is those things that she has not completed that annoy her. She will get annoyed that she had not written some letters she had the intention of writing and also she didn’t tell her husband and parents how much she loved them often. She sees herself as a special being every morning.

She completed it saying that life may not be what we bargained for most of the times but we should endeavor to make the most of it every time because every moment counts.

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