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Little kid survives life support after being horribly beat by his uncle.

Some people are worse than savages. They find p^leasure out of harming other people and sometimes, they find pleasure out of hurting babies. This is absolutely disgusting and these people must be in jail for their whole life for doing this. Picture this. Picture having a baby of seven months old and leaving them under the care of your sister, while you are on vacation, and returning from vacation only to find ou that you baby might die because the fiancée of your sister has been abusing him and beating him badly.

This is what happened to little Bobby when he was only seven months old. His parents went on a vacation and they left him under the care of his auntie. Berrie and Elise had no idea what was going to happen to their baby while they were away. They left him on the watch of Elise’s sister and her fiancée Nolan who had been a friend of the family for more than ten years. But nobody knew the true colors of Nolan until he acted like a psychopath and decided to abuse and beat the little Bobby so badly that he was put on life support.

The doctors told then to Berrie and Elise that Bobby will not survive and that they should pull the plug. But even after pulling the plug, Bobby continued to be alive and breathing. That was a clear enough sign that is wasn’t his time to go. While Nolan was sentenced 8 years for child abuse after he beat and cause skull fractures, genital damage, and bites to Bobby, the little kid is now four and he is more alive than ever. He is being trained to go to the toilet by himself, he has vision impairs but at least he is engaged in activities which help him discover his talents and love himself more.

Written by Viralstuff


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