The seniors in high schools are ready to graduate with June coming real fast. They are getting ready to move along with life and see what it throws at them. Some of them will go to universities, some will go look for jobs, while others will try to point out what they are ready to do with their lives. The most surprising thing I have seen about graduations was one that happened in Snowflake High School where a senior that was graduating was actually a senior. Wow, a 95 year old man graduated from this school.

Who is this man? He is a World War 2 veteran. We use this medium to congratulate Charles Hall, a senior at the high school mentioned above. What made him go back to school? Well, his families made us know that Charles was a very accomplished student back when he was in school. He was elected the class president and he excelled in three different sports. He was also an accomplished boxer.

When the war started, he was recruited and had to leave his education and he headed to the war front to serve his country in the invasion of Okinawa which was the last part of the war. He was called up by the marine and there he served. He survived the war earning so many awards like the Navy Presidential Unit Citation, the American Campaign Medal, and the Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal. He got home but it was rather too late, he had to go and provide for his family. He has 13 children, 52 grandchildren, 155 great grandchildren, 16 great- great grandchildren.

He later went to fulfill his dreams of finishing school and now he is a high school graduate. Let’s celebrate this hero for his service and determination to fulfill his dreams.

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