Jaws Is Being Screened, But This Time With A Terrifying Catch…

Reckon you’re pretty brave? Here’s a challenge to test that—Jaws is now being screened, with a catch. That is, you’re now able to watch the timeless classic…while you float on an inner tube.

Texas’ Beachside Billy’s and Volente Beach Resort will both be screening the epic shark movie, and it’s going to be the fifth anniversary of the event.

Starting 8thof June and lasting until 17thAugust, you can catch the flick every Saturday besides the 6thof July.

We haven’t heard yet about ticket prices, but the official website has revealed that they'll include several things besides the screening. That is, shark-themed rings to float on, fireworks shows, and entry to Volente Beach's cool attractions. Plus, of course, the fact that you'll be watching the classic spine-tingler while “dangling your feet in the water”.

So while I’m a little too chicken for this, those of you thrill-seekers out there are probably going to have a great time.

If we get a little more bravery together, we may change our minds.

Some extra dates have been added to the Jaws on the Water experience this summer, including four further horrifying screenings for you to enjoy.

That’s not all—you’ll also get to take the Jaws-decorated floating tube home with you, the options of $12 dinner, and a pretty sweet Jaws-style beer glass. Apart from the dinner, that’s all going to be featured in the $55 ticket.

At six pm the venues open, with Jaws beginning after the sun goes down (close to 8.45 usually). Are you ready for the (terrifying) summertime adventure?


  • 15thJune (Friday) 2018
  • 16thJune (Saturday) 2018
  • 22nd June (Friday) 2018
  • 23rdJune (Saturday) 2018
  • 29thJune (Friday) 2018
  • 30thJune (Saturday) 2018
  • 13thJuly (Friday) 2018
  • 14thJuly (Saturday) 2018
  • 20thJuly (Friday) 2018
  • 21stJuly (Saturday) 2018
  • 27thJuly (Friday) 2018
  • 28thJuly (Saturday) 2018
  • 3rdAugust (Friday) 2018
  • 4thAugust (Friday) 2018