This Bridge in Japan Horrifies Even The Most Experienced Drivers

Even if you’ve been driving for decades, some routes can be stressful. Japan’s Eshima Ohashi is one such terrifying drive; a bridge known to locals as ‘The Rollercoaster’. It’s one of the steepest bridges out there, with a slope of 6.1% meaning that for each 100ft of road, drivers go up or down by 6.1ft. And it gives the bravest of drivers a little flutter in the stomach.


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The Japanese bridge links the Shimane and Tottori Prefectures, which are separated by a Lake (Nakaumi). There was so much boat traffic over Nakaumi that Eshima Ohashi had to be built in a truly unique way to allow this to continue unhindered. So, the bridge looks practically vertical to approaching drivers on the road.

Amazingly, somehow, no accidents have ever been reported on this terrifying bridge; Japanese authorities report that it’s fine for all vehicles to pass over safely. Constructed over seven years between 1997 and 2004, Eshima Ohashi has drawn tourists from all over the world. Visitors already come from Japan’s furthest corners to earn the bragging rights of having crossed over it.

While many drives worldwide can be considered pretty scary, this bridge has got to be one of the most jaw-clenching. For sure, it's deserving of its title as ‘Japan's most terrifying bridge'. If you're already not one for heights, this can be a real challenge.


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Although there are a lot of frightening roads and bridges in the world, the Eshima Ohashi definitely deserves a spot in the top ten. This bridge definitely earns the title of ‘most terrifying bridge in Japan.’ Combine a fear of heights with this bridge’s daring architecture and it can be a total nightmare to traverse!

Have you put this bridge on your bucket list yet? Or is there another terrifying drive we should know about? Share this story and see if others would be as daring as you…