Research Reveals Alcohol and Coffee Could Increase Longevity

Sometimes it seems like all good things now come with a warning label. Often, scientific research can put us off savoring the little things which make us happy. Fresh research from UC Irvine’s Memory Impairments and Neurological Disorders Institute may just be a ray of sunshine amid all the gloom. Researchers discovered that moderate amounts of alcohol and coffee may, in fact, reduce our odds of dying early!

It seems strange that a cup of joe or a cocktail might be boosting your health and longevity. But that’s what research shows!

The research has been going on for over a decade and started in 2003. Scientists tracked 1.6k participants who were over 90 years old to figure out what they were doing that might be key to a longer life. Surprisingly, coffee and alcoholic drinks were common habits which most of the over-nineties enjoyed.

The Institute’s research also revealed that participants who’d been a little overweight during their seventies were thriving when they reached their nineties. So besides enjoying the cocktails and coffee, you might also be able to ease up on the dieting!

Ask a happy, healthy elderly citizen for the secret behind their longevity, and you'll get mixed responses. Some of those ‘secrets' are probably going to be hilarious.

Often, we’re warned about the dangers of certain things that make us feel good.

This research may just alter that.

The nonagenarian being studied went for twice-yearly medical checkups where they were asked to report on their lifestyle and overall health. Researchers also carried out some brain and physical tests.

The data revealed that two daily alcoholic drinks reduce your risk of early death…by a whopping 18%. Now there's a surprise!

Even more intriguingly, the researchers weren’t able to pin down why that might be.

One leading doctor on the team told Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “I have no explanation for it…but I do firmly believe that modest drinking improves longevity.”

Further results showed that two daily cups of joe reduced the risk of passing away early by just a slightly smaller figure of 10%. Coffee may then, in its own little way, be a bit of a lifesaver!

Don’t rush straight out for that Bailey espresso just yet, though. Because caffeine is a stimulant, it does tend to reduce the depressant effects of booze. So, combining them together might encourage excess drinking.

The research revealed a few further things about how people ate. Those who’d been a little overweight during their seventies, that is, apparently were doing better when they reached 90 plus.

‘Cheating’ on that diet once in a little while might not be so bad, but getting active is important. Researchers discovered that fifteen to fourth-five minutes of daily exercise decreased the risk of early death. By eleven percent.

Too much of a good thing is still not recommended, the researchers highlighted that moderation is important.

Also, remember that living past ninety doesn’t automatically mean you’ll have a great time of it. According to the data, more than 40% of participants over 89 had dementia to some extent.

Almost 4 fifths of participants also lived with a form of disability. The statistics were even worse for females.

This research is welcome support for those of us who savor the little things in life—in moderation, that is. Without needing to give up our favorite drinks entirely, we can still enjoy a good chance at longevity.

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