Evidence Reveals: Hang With Mom More And She’ll Have A Longer Life

Don’t you love spending time with your sweet grandmother?

Those moments are precious and can stay with us long after we grow up.

As a child, I passed countless hours absorbed in their stories and asking questions about their past lives. And, I learned a few things about life that I could never learn anywhere else.

It’s why it is so critical to pass on this nugget of knowledge which I came across. It seems so simple, yet can really have a big impact.

Here’s what the recent research says: Asking your Grandmother to come for a meal might genuinely make her live longer, and boost the quality of it, too.

California University’s study has revealed that older folk can actually experience better life quality when they’re given companionship.

The research looked at 1,600 grown-ups, averaging 71 years of age. Scientists discovered those that felt lonely consistently showed higher rates of mortality compared to those with a solid network of support.

We already know how loneliness can have a negative impact on life, yet it seems to get more difficult as we age.

As such, old people’s homes may have some real benefits. As we get older, our social networks get smaller, and the elderly can sometimes be left with only a few others to talk to.

It means that just by making an effort to hang out with older people, we can give them that much-needed social support and help them live longer.

  • Ask them over

That’s not all. Professor Bliezner of Virginia Tech’s Human Development Department says the elderly aren’t the only ones who benefit when you reach out.

“You bring a lot more experience to your friendships when you’re older,” says Professor Bliezner.

“You know what’s worth fighting about and what’s not worth fighting about.”

It’s easy, then. Call your parent or grandparent and visit them just for the sake of it.

Because, depressing as it sounds, they won’t always be around for you to visit them.

As well as asking our older friends and relations over, we should foster our relationships with them. It’s the reason, in spite of popular myth, that the elderly often flourish in assisted or independent living arrangements.

What do you think of these fascinating facts? Share this with your grandma or grandpa—then invite them over!