Baby Fighting To Survive After Landing In Boiling Water – Pray For Him

Any parent could tell you that we’re hard-wired to protect our baby. It’s a primal instinct—we brought them into the world, after all.

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, accidents sometimes occur. Bad luck can put us into situations that we try our hardest to avoid.

Just as Tetyana Chernenko, a Ukranian mom whose baby Daniil is just under a year old. He fell into boiling hot water in a bucket and has serious burns over his whole body.

Tetyana and Daniil have a set bathtime routine, with everything going perfectly fine since he was born eleven months ago.

Everything changed one unhappy day, though, when Tetyana filled the bucket for his bath as usual. She carried it to their room, putting it beside a table as normal. Then, as per usual, she was about to add cold water to the bucket so Daniil could bathe.

On turning to get the water, a tragedy occurred.

Speaking to reporters, Tetyana said “I saw how he fell in the boiling water. I rushed to the bucket and pulled him out.”

“I hugged him, then wrapped in a cotton cloth. When I unwrapped him I saw his skin was peeling off.”

  • No Time To Lose

Tetyana’s son was instantly rushed to an Odessa hospital, where his condition was declared critical. As it turned out, more than 80% of Daniil’s tiny body had been seriously burned. His toes, forehead, and fingers were the few parts left unharmed.

Medics have confirmed that everything is being done to help Daniil, but they aren’t commenting on his hopes of surviving.

The nurses looking after him say that he’s almost lost his voice from crying non-stop.

“His condition is very serious. The boy receives all possible treatment and medication,” reports Odessa Region Clinical Hospital head, Vadim Shukhtin.

While Daniil’s mom is understandably distressed, local law enforcement is dealing with this event as accidental.

Such terrible incidents can and do take place in a heartbeat, especially when young kids are involved—their behavior can often be unpredictable. Help share this post so we can raise awareness and hopefully avoid things like this happening in the future!