Dog, Tethered His Entire Life, Finally Sees The Sea – His Surprising Reaction

Sadly, some doggy breeds tend to get judged at first sight.

One great example is German Shepherds (GSDs), or Alsatians, who used to be thought of as aggressive or dangerous simply for their size and build. Fortunately, most people now realize that with the proper training and upbringing, GSDs are loyal, loving companions.

Sadly, however, some still haven’t cottoned on. Herschel is one GSD who passed 5 years of his life being tethered up every day in someone’s backyard. Alone, ignored, and without the affection he deserves, he even tried gnawing through the tether to get out.

When Herschel was finally saved, he was taken to the beach for the first time, and his reaction was a joy to behold.

When he was rescued, Herschel found himself in a dog shelter and was very happily given another chance at happiness.

Luckily, FoundAnimals discovered poor Herschel and found him a permanent home with new owners in Washington.

On the way there from LA, he had his very first experience of real freedom. But hands down the best part of Herschel’s journey was seeing the sea—which he’d never been anywhere near.

The footage shows him yelping when Herschel first sees the water before he gets unbelievably happy as his toes meet the sand. This kind of undiluted joy is what's made this video an instant, worldwide internet sensation.

German Shepherd Sees Sea

To be honest, Herschel represents so much more—he’s not just one pet that’s been rescued. He shows us how every animal has feelings and can understand love even if they haven’t felt it for years and years. We should keep in mind that dogs are just as lovely when we give them another chance, not only when they’re puppies. They often show even more happiness and gratitude, as they have witnessed the other side of things, yet are still ready to give us back love and affection when we offer it.

See Herschel’s heartwarming reaction to his first seaside experience:

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