Blind Performer Sings ‘Rise Up’ – Making Lionel Richie Cry

Love them or hate them, talent programs are one brilliant way that talent gets discovered. Talent which could easily been overlooked.

The most famous is probably American Idol, which brought us real talent like Adam Lambert and Kelly Clarkson who were regular people prior to trying out.

That’s not all, because when regular people have a chance to show off their skills, we have a chance to be inspired.

Others with big dreams get the courage to try their luck, and Shayy is a perfect example. Like every other teenager in America, Shayy is at high school. But unlike every other student, she’s gone through a lot more than most. On taking the Idol stage, she showed she could really awe us all.

Last year, Shayy got some bad news. It started with blurry eyesight, which she mentioned to her mom. They thought at first that it meant she needed glasses, but didn’t think it was anything serious. Maybe, they reckoned, Shayy’s eyes were just tired or strained.

Unfortunately, her eyesight was one sign that something worse was occurring.

On going to her eye doctor, Shayy was advised to go to the ER right away. Tragically, she’d later find out she had a tumor in her brain, that would soon leave her without the ability to see at all.

Not Giving Up

Shayy wasn’t going to be defeated. With a courageous heart and big dreams, the teen didn’t despair. Only a year later, she took the stage in front of Idol judges. She got the opportunity to show her determination in spite of whatever challenge came her way. And wow, did Shayy seize that chance.

For the audition, she chose to sing “Rise Up”, by Andra Day, and she beyond nailed it.

Clearly, Idol judges couldn’t contain how impressed they were, yet the strongest reaction came from Lionel Richie.

“You have wrecked me,” said an emotional Lionel, as he wiped away his tears.

Watch Shayy’s performance below, and share it if you love it!