Evidence Shows: Women That Vacation With Friends Enjoy Happier, Healthier Lives

Regardless of how content you feel about your lot, we all know that our day-to-day routines can sometimes get boring or full. It's why we take vacations—to escape from the daily grind and come back refreshed.

New research finds taking a weekend vacation with friends can have an important role in our happiness and longevity, says Shareably.

Outside of the workplace and our home lives, friends make life fun and enjoyable. And as the Harvard Women's Health Watch argues, it can be right up there with getting good sleep, eating healthy, and not smoking.

Better health

Research carried out at various universities has found that those with multiple close friendships reported higher levels of happiness, health, and had longer lies.

A feeling of togetherness helps combat high physical stress levels, which in turn can leave us more susceptible to illness.

Social time

One of these studies showed increased oxytocin when people socialized with friends—oxytocin helps to decrease negative emotions, including lethargy, stress, and anxiety.

The higher our oxytocin levels, the friendlier, happier, and more giving we act—meaning socializing is a good thing both mentally and physically.

One researcher, William Chpopik, said “Having close friends does wonders for us people, so invest time in the relationships that make you happy,” in an interview with Shareably.

Weekends With Friends

Going on holiday with relatives can sometimes be more tiring than we realize, as it may involve taking responsibility for others. One doctor encourages people to vacation with buddies instead.

Forbes also says that women who vacation with girlfriends report better energy levels, relationships, and feel relaxed to a greater extent.

This research demonstrates similar effects for men that vacation with guy friends, but the effect was much greater for women.

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