Ali Jackson’s Shares Secret Side Of Her Country Star Father

Alan Jackson has been making amazing country and honky-tonk music for forty years. He's sold over eighty million discs and joined the Country Music Hall of Fame two years ago.

Amazing achievements aside, Alan didn’t think he deserved a place in a hall full of such stars.

His child, Ali, has now revealed a little-known piece of information about her dad.

In spite of his success, Alan, sixty, has remained modest throughout his career. Rather than being swept away by celebrity, he prefers working on his tunes.

On becoming a ‘Hall of Famer’, Alan said to Rolling Stone:“Even though I’ve done a lot, I still don’t feel quite worthy, but I feel like it’s an honor to qualify for what it requires to be in here with these great people.

“I’ve always tried to make music my first priority – not being a star, not being in the spotlight, just trying to make music that I loved.”

Ali Jackson, Alan’s daughter, knows her dad has earned every bit of that recognition.

Alexandria, 26, sees a different side to her Country star dad than the rest.

She wrote: “I see you as: my best friend, the guy that taught me how you treat people matters more than anything else and taught me just how to stand on my own two feet.”

Alan wed his long-time childhood love Denise in 1979. Ali is one of the pair’s three daughters, along with Mattie, 29, and Dani, 22.

Alan praises his wife for launching his music career in the first place, by telling Glenn Campbell all about his talents. She met the famous US artist during her career as an airline attendant.

Ali ended her beautiful post by saying, “You’re every daughter’s dream father. Thank you for raising us in a house filled with Jesus and music, and always making sure we knew whatever our dream was could be our reality.”

Alan also has seventeen ACM awards, sixteen from the CMA, and two Grammies. He’s also part of two other Hall of Fames, the Georgia Music and Nashville Songwriters Halls.

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