Gorgeous Skater Does Irish Ice Dance, To A Standing Ovation From Audience

Jason Brown is a National Champion when it comes to figure skating. As a young, professional ice dancer, his latest routine blew away his whole audience. Jason’s latest Irish ice dance performance was set to ‘Reel Around The Sun’, and his take on the Riverdance absolutely stunned both his audience and the panel.
For sure, the idea of a Riverdance on ice is hard to picture. But this handsome champion’s ice dancing team adapted Riverdance moves into a skating routine that was jaw-dropping.
The 5-minute dance started with Jason appearing all in green. Lithe and tall wearing an Irish outfit, he began with elegant, long moves.

As the music picks up and gets more pace, Jason’s nifty footwork never struggles to keep up, until the performance reaches amazing new levels of talent and skill.
His seamless performance is unique and exciting. In no time, the whole stadium was standing to cheer him on even before he’d finished his mind-blowing routine.

Talented skating met natural rhythm and grace in Jason’s performance, and he’s really earned his Champion’s title. This was an awesome dance, where he clearly showed his innate sense of music and a burning passion for what he does.
Over 25,000,000 viewers have watched Jason’s amazing dance, which definitely has become a singular routine in a discipline with such high standards.
How did you feel about his amazing routine?