Family Dumps Dog, Maddison, Because She’s ‘Old’

It’s a depressing reality that close to four million pet dogs are abandoned in US shelters every year.

It’s mildly reassuring that they aren’t simply dropped by the roadside, and that they receive food and warmth. However, most dogs don’t live for very long at these shelters.

Maddison is one pet who got left at an LA Animal facility, simply for being ‘too old’.

She was seventeen when abandoned at the shelter, and only one among several hundred canines picked up off the road or discarded like trash.

Her previous owners left this piece of information:

“My former family who owned me for “more than 5 years” (could be her entire life) gave me up because they thought I had gotten too old.

They said that I spend most of my time indoors. I do not show interest in small children. I have begun housetraining, but I still need some work. I am good on a leash.

I am just learning obedience skills I seem to get along well with dogs and cats.”

A New Start

Dogs don't often reach such a ripe old age, which makes it even more important that those who do, are treated well. They deserve calm, affection, and love, not the stress and anxiety of a packed shelter.

Maddison’s tale was shared across the internet, and after only several days, she had found herself a brand new home.

Maddison’s new family are going to give her all the support and care that she needs throughout her twilight years.

This has got to be one of the saddest reasons to abandon a dog. Some pet owners simply haven’t earned the faithful love and affection of a pet. Here’s to Maddison, and we hope she enjoys her loving home with an awesome new family.