Delivery Driver Clears Snow Off Widow’s Patio After Discovering Her Husband Just Died

Having to say goodbye to someone you love is incredibly tough. It’s tragic, sad, and can be felt very deeply for a long time by those left behind.

At its very worst, it can change lives completely, leaving people suffering for ages. Leigh Anne was one lady left behind after her husband, 42, died after seven long months fighting cancer. 

Leigh Anne, who has three kids, is based in Nebraska. Snow storms can be frequent where she lives. 

One particular storm left her patio deep in snow, but it’s what she saw on her doorbell footage that really shocked her.

Shortly after the storm had passed, Leigh Anne spied a delivery driver parking his FedEx van on the road. She had been trying to reinflate her wheels, and having a difficult time of it thanks to the snow and ice.

Leigh Anne recognized this particular driver. Brian often drove through her area, so he was happy to help when she asked for assistance.

Getting to Know Each Other

While Brian helped Leigh Anne, the two began to chat. He soon realized that her husband had just passed. 

The mother was feeling overwhelmed with how she might cope as a single mother of three, as well as the tragedy of the loss. 

The snow on her front porch had just been yet another thing Leigh Anne had to deal with.

Happily, Brian saw this, too. Without her needing to say a word, he figured he’d do something small to help Leigh Anne.

Shoveling Snow

He had zero clue that her doorbell was fitted with video technology, and that he’d be caught on camera trying to shovel the snow.

On social media, the mom said: “Doorbell cameras don’t only catch people stealing packages. 

See Brian’s kind act in this footage!

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