Courageous Toddler Has Stage 3 Cancer – Let’s Pray For Her

A cure for cancer is something so many talented scientists are working towards every day. Until they reach that goal, they—and those with the disease—will need all the support we can give.

It’s only when we stand together that we can move towards a cure that once seemed impossible.

The harsh truth is, cancer is still a truly horrible experience for every sufferer, as well as their loved ones. Anybody who needs to be reminded about how unhappy it is just needs to look at toddler McKenna Shea Xydias.

McKenna, 2, is daughter to Megan and Michael. When they spotted a swelling on her tummy one day, they became alarmed. A trip to McKenna’s doctor seemed to calm them slightly, as he told them this swelling was down to constipation.

Then, not long after, McKenna’s school nurse phoned up, raising the alarm bells once more. This time, Megan and Michael were told McKenna had a fever of 103F and serious swelling in her abdomen.

They turned to professionals again and were informed once more that McKenna was simply bloated due to gas.

However, they weren't satisfied and sought out further advice. Megan and Michael headed to Scottish Rite Hospital in Atlanta, where their daughter had an ultrasound on her stomach. The diagnosis was truly upsetting—McKenna had a malignant growth on her ovaries.

Of course, her parents were heartbroken.

Ovarian cancer of the type that McKenna has is very, very rare. Luckily, however, the symptoms showed in time for them to take action. McKenna underwent an operation to take out the growth, and everything went smoothly.

Courageous McKenna is still in Scottish Right, however, doctors think she can go home within a few weeks.

Cancer is truly terrible, and we all need to stand strong against it so we can support those fighting to beat the disease. Sweet McKenna did nothing to deserve all this stress, yet as she battles on, we should pray for her.