Twins Have Different Dads, Who Wouldn’t Change It For The World

Science has come a long way. Technology and innovation continue to enhance our daily lives, and some of the very biggest improvements can be seen in medicine.

Scientists, researchers, and doctors are constantly discovering new remedies or cures for our ailments, and never stop making huge advances to ensure the human race carries on.

Two London fathers can attest to this, and they can thank science for a truly miracle twin birth.

The men are both biological fathers to their twins, who were born on the same day from the same mother. Graeme Berney-Edwards and partner Simon Berney-Edwards could not have hoped for anything more than one healthy baby with one of them as the father. Or so they thought.

The two each gave sperm which was planted in vitro into an ovum.

It thus came as a huge shock when the surrogate’s doctor informed them that both could be dads by impregnating one woman.

As per The Daily Mail, Graeme and Simon first started by looking into surrogacy in England.


Shortly after this, they stumbled across some obstacles. The first was that it often takes almost 6 months after delivery before a parental order can alter a newborn’s parent from its surrogate mom to anybody else.

The pair then tried to discover how they might be the legal parents of their child (on its birth documents) as soon as the baby was delivered. Graeme and Simon started researching in Canada, where they met Meg Stone, a mother who’d transform their hopes and dreams into reality.

Meg says: “I saw Simon and Graeme’s profile on a surrogacy website and I thought they had lovely smiles.

“I had recently split with my partner and I wasn’t ready for another baby, so I wanted to help someone.”

Now that Meg had offered to help as a surrogate, the partners looked for a donor egg so they could move forward. They headed to L.A., thinking only Graeme or Simon could provide the sperm for fertilization.

“We couldn’t decide on who would be the biological father. Graeme said it should be me, but I said that he had just as much right as I did,” said Simon.

On reaching Los Angeles, however, they were in for a huge surprise from the doctor.

“When we spoke to the doctor at the clinic, he stunned us with his reply. He told us that it could be both of us. They said that we could have half the embryos fertilized with my sperm and then half with Graeme’s sperm,”shared Simon.

The couple married shortly afterward, deciding to honeymoon over the border in Canada. There, they finally met Meg in person.

Simon recalls: “We were nervous at the beginning — in case we didn't click with her. But we needn't have worried.

“Meeting Meg was like being reunited with a long-lost sister. She wrapped us both in a hug before introducing us to her adorable boys. We didn’t how to thank her. We told her we were so grateful to her — she was changing not only our lives but our families too.”


Only 6 months afterward, two embryos were implanted in Meg. One was fertilized by Graeme, one by Simon. From here, tensions were high as the two men waited. Finally, Meg rang them, informing them of her pregnancy. However, they still couldn’t know whether both of the two embryos had been accepted into her womb. They would have to wait a little longer.

Simon explained: “[Meg] FaceTimed us from the scanning room. First of all, we saw one heartbeat, and our stomach clenched with nerves.

“Then we saw the other heartbeat. Graeme and I just hugged each other. We were just over the moon. We were both going to be dads — she was pregnant with both of our babies.”

Meg, Graeme, and Simon were always in touch through Meg's pregnancy, and the pair traveled over to her in Canada so they could be there at the nineteen-week sonogram.

Here, they could feel the twins kicking when they held Meg’s tummy.

“We got to meet her family, too, which was lovely. It was great to see her being a mom to her children. We knew that our babies were in the best possible hands,” told Simon.

The pair once again went to Canada just after the thirty-week mark, because Meg messaged saying she might soon be in labor.

Cutting it close

“We packed our stuff and caught the first flight out to Canada,” shared Simon. “But while we were in the air we couldn’t contact Meg to find out what was happening. The wait was agonizing.”

On this occasion, it was a false warning. Nonetheless, the pair remained in the country up until thirty-six weeks. Then, Meg really was ready to deliver. Alexandra, the couple's daughter, was first into the world. She was followed several moments later by Calder, Simon and Graeme's son.

Simon recalls: “When we both held them for the first time, we couldn’t believe that we were both daddies. It was a long way to go and do this, but it was worth it to both be able to have fathered one of the twins each.”

Strictly speaking, Calder and Alexandra are half-siblings. However, they still count as twins. Now, they live in the UK, where Graeme and Simon have asked Meg to come and visit when they turn one.

“It was incredibly special having her there to celebrate the twins special day with us. It’s hard work having two babies, but Graeme and I are loving every minute of it.”

It was a long, long, and quite an unconventional journey, but the Berney-Edwards are overjoyed to be parents of a twin boy and girl. It's down to modern science that they could achieve something that was the stuff of dreams only a decade ago.

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