I’ve Known I Wanted To Be An Artist Since I Was 2, Here Is What I‘ve Drawn By Age 16

I’m Dusan Krtolica, 16, and my passion in life is drawing. Living in Serbia, I get inspiration from the nature around me. My biggest fascination is animals, how many different types there are, and how they can adapt so well to a variety of environments. 

At 2, I first began drawing. Since then, I have attended TV programs to discuss my art, and I've given six exhibitions featuring just my drawing. At thirteen, I authored and created all the illustrations for a ‘Prehistoric World' encyclopedia, and this was published within Serbia. This encyclopedia has been translated since then to English, and I'm trying to find a publisher for it. 

My art has received lots of interest, allowing me to sell my creations worldwide. I'm happiest about the fact that the people who buy my pictures also turn into friends.  

I was four when my mom and dad decided I would attend art classes

In 2011, I was eight. These were my creations:

Art I created when I was nine

Art I created when I was ten

Art I created when I was twelve


‘The Labors of Hercules’, which I created at thirteen