‘I Don’t Recognize Myself:’ Woman lets her Hairstylist take control

It was Debbie’s 60th birthday and she really fancied having a makeover. She figured that at such a milestone age, now was the right time to do it.

“This is a time I’m either gonna let my hair go completely grey or get the courage to set up the appointment and follow through with it,” she said.

Her husband wasn’t able to understand why she was adamant to change her looks. On the other hand, her daughter encouraged her telling her that she deserved to do what she wanted, and it was up to her and not anyone else.

Debbie didn’t care about looking older or prettier, she simply wanted to look the best version of herself.

She saw some work of the MakeoverGuy, Christopher Hopkins and decided to book an appointment with him to see what he could help her do. She was more than confident that he would be able to deliver her something that could be only expected in dreams. She went to see him…

As she walked into the salon with her grey roots and very curly, she simply told her hairstylist to do whatever he wanted and that she as open to absolutely anything.

Christopher felt that Debbies hair deserved to be a warm brown rather than a dull grey or black. He died her hair to a beautiful strawberry blonde shade streaked with striking highlights which recreated her face. Along with some makeup and died eyebrows, Debbie couldn’t have looked more beautiful!

“I don’t recognize myself,” Debbie said after her makeover. “My family’s not going to recognize me, either!”

Watch this video and you will see for yourself the incredible change!