“Sweethearts” candy won’t be available this Valentines for the first time in 153 years

Sweethearts is probably one of the most famous candies that has been long affiliated with Valentine’s day due to the little romantic messages engraved on each piece of the love heart shaped candy. Unfortunately, for the first time in 153 years the owner company named “Necco” has stated that it will no longer be producing them.

The sweets were first produced in 1866 and were then taken over by Necco in 1901 making the sweets one of the oldest but most popular romantic sweets all over the United States. Each love heart shaped piece of candy had cute little messages imprinted on them like “Cutie Pie”, “Be Mine”, “Tweet Me,” “Text Me,” “You Rock,” “Soul Mate,” “Love Bug,” “Me + You,” and the famous “Kiss Me”.

It was a really cute and fun way to let someone you like how you feel without even having to talk!

However, you might start wondering why on earth did the company stop producing them when they were one of the most sold out Valentine’s Day candy in America?!


Necco decided to close and was sold to Round Hill Investments which then went on to sell it to Spangler Candy Company in September 2018. However, because it was difficult to produce the candy in such a small time, they decided to stop making them. For reference, Necco spent 11 months in the past to produce 8 billion pieces of candy which were sold out in the 6 weeks leading to Valentine’s day! Imagine how many people bought them!

However, so you are not worried for long, the CEO of Spangler did say to expect the candy to be back in stock for Valentine’s day 2020! We’ll just have to make do this year with other alternatives!

Happy Valentine’s day in advance!