Study reveals that Tequila can help you get rid of that extra fat!

I’ll be proud to announce to you today that you can take all those margaritas out tonight and stop worrying about putting on weight, all thanks to a study conducted by the American Chemical Society. The study revealed that tequila can actually help you lose weight due to the effects that it has on blood glucose levels whereby it lowers your body’s blood sugar rate.

The natural sugars that occur in our bodies are called agavins which are non-digestible which means that they don’t raise your blood sugar. The experiment was tested on mice and it was found that they had lower blood glucose levels at the end of the study. At the same time, the mice were found to also have produced a hormone called GLP-1 through the agavins which helped make the stomach feel fuller for a longer time and also produced insulin.

Now you may wonder what this means for us as humans. The good news is that researchers have concluded that it will help those who drink tequila to eat less. This can help them not only lose weight but also maintain healthy levels of glucose especially for those that are suffering from diabetes.

Let us remind you that everything should be in moderation and that drinking too much may also cause other issues so bear this in mind before hopping on to grab fifty glasses of tequila!

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