Please stop telling my daughter that her sister is her “half-sister”

Please stop telling my daughter that her sister is her “half-sister”

Blending families are on the rise, and you would think people know how to deal with that, but still they struggle to choose the right words. Having a divorce which involves children can become really messy and difficult. However, it’s still not acceptable to make some kids feel bad because of their family dynamics. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that the kids are well cared for and happy.

After divorcing my ex-husband, we both decided to share custody of our eldest daughter. I remarried and had another little girl. Naturally, one would think that my daughters are sisters who love and care for each other. The affection that my eldest daughter shows to her younger sister is absolutely heartwarming, despite their eight-year age gap.

Unfortunately, some people out there like to remind my eldest daughter that the baby is her half-sister and not her full system. Although the term might be accurate from a scientific perspective, it still does not represent the strong bond that they share between each other, and I feel it is an attempt to be dismissive of their strong relationship.

My eldest daughter actually gets upset every time someone tells her the words “half-sister”. She questions why people say it and doesn’t understand why people can’t just say that it’s her sister. After all, it’s even easier to say as it’s a short word. It’s as if the person who says it feels the need to remind her that they do not share the same dad. But they seem to forget that they share the same mother and they have feelings of love between them like any other two siblings.

As long as they love each other with whole hearts then they are sisters. Some of our best friends are referred to as sisters due to the strong bond that we have with them, so why would this not apply to real sisters?

All I can say is that my daughters are 100% sisters, full stop. There is no need for people to point this out so often as I am sure they would appreciate that their healthy relationship is not defined by a word or two. A word of advice is before you undermine someone, think before you speak because at the end of the day, all families are different.