Woman Makes Final Dying Request To Her Nurse, Who Whips Something Out His Pocket And Makes It Happen

There’s nothing fun about someone you love passing on. It’s unhappy for everybody, not least the one passing away, who’s confronted with their worries about what might come next. Having those closest to you nearby is a comfort, but the loneliness of having to pass alone is still frightening. 

As a piano instructor and singer, Maria had enjoyed a life full of music. Throughout her twilight years and her last days, it always brought her comfort. 

With hundreds of music pupils over the years, Maria’s influence extends across the States and her pupils go on to accomplish amazing things. 

Unbelievable as it sounds, one of these pupils became a hospice nurse where Maria spent her final days. Joshua studied with Maria as a nine year old boy and they developed a shared passion for music which lasted over time.

Music unites people and gives them strength. This story is about how Joshua also gave comfort and love to Maria as she passed. In the video, Joshua sings to Maria, which will break your heart. 

As Maria’s dying request, she asked to listen to “How Great Thou Art”, a song that had always consoled, empowered, and soothed her over the years. She had taught Joshua to become a brilliant singer, which meant he was the perfect person to give her a last wish. Wanting to give Maria a performance worthy of all the abilities he had learned from her, he realized there was only one way to do this. 

Joshua stood right by Maria's side as he beautifully sings Maria's favorite song. You'll notice that Maria seems to relax immediately after Joshua begins.

Music makes a difference. Providing care like Joshua did for Maria can make such a positive change in the world. Maria unfortunately passed shortly after Joshua sang to her, but we can all take comfort in knowing that she was the happiest she could be.

We all have to accept that death comes for everyone. Instead of being afraid, we can try to live our lives as passionately as Maria and go out in a peaceful way. Although Maria has passed, the knowledge she has given to all of her students will continue to be celebrated and passed on for generations.