Expect To See The Super Blood Moon This Sunday.

If you haven’t heard yet, then let me tell you…
The Super Blood Wolf Moon is expected to be seen this month. You may wonder what this lunar trifecta is, so keep on reading.

What is the Super Blood Wolf Moon?

It is a rare phenomenon that only occurs when three main events happen at the same time: which are: a super moon, a blood moon and a wolf moon. EarthSky explains that the super moon happens when a new full moon reaches the closest point to the earth during its orbit of the Earth.

As for the blood moon, this happens when there is a total eclipse whereby the moon appears red as the sun is hidden behind it.

Finally, a wolf moon is basically the name for the first full moon of the year which is named after wolves.

So when will it happen you may ask?

This year, the super blood wolf moon of 2019 is expected to take place on either the 20th or the 21st January depending on your time zone. National Geographic has reported that it will start at 11:41 pm EST and is predicted to last just over one hour at 62 minutes.

Which countries can see it?

Western Europe, Americas, Iceland, Greenland and Western Africa will be able to witness it in full. However, Eastern Africa and Eastern Europe will only be able to witness it partially. As for those residing in Asia, they will not be able to see it unfortunately.

Sounds cool right?

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