Man hears screams from abandoned house – kicks down door and rescues her

It’s not generally recommended to get involved in something that requires police intervention. However we live in a world where there are often times which it simply can’t be avoided.

Besides emergency services can’t always be everywhere at once – sometimes calling 911 often means a long wait that could be at the expsense of someone’s life.

This is what transpired for single mother Bethany Arceneaux, aged 29 from Lafayette, Arizona, when she was abducted. Following a three day unsuccessful police search, her family decided to get involved themselves. They didn’t realise what would occur.

Initially they decided to investigate a lead about Arceneaux’s, from Derrimetrie Robinson. Robinson had spotted her in a parking lot, beeping her car horn frantically as she was dragged from the driver’s door by her ex-boyfriend Scott Thomas (who she had a restraining order against).

Robinson rushed to her side but she begged her to take her 2-year-old son. After Robinson managed to get hold of the toddler, she saw Thomas throw Arceneaux into the back of his vehicle and speed away.

Her family began their search by posting flyers around the town. Police located Scott’s’ Buick abandoned in a field, however there was no sign of either of them.

As police struggled to track the pair down, Arceneaux’s family knew things were growing serious. Just then another witnesses approached them with details about an abandoned house close to the field where the car had been found.

Six members of Arceneaux’s family, along with neighbours and friends, went directly to the house. The moment they arrived they could hear screams coming from inside as they instantly recognized the voice as Arceneaux’s.

Ryan Arceneaux,proceeded to kick down the front door and entered to find Thomas in the process of stabbing their sister. Bethany was badly injured, thankfully she survived her terrifying ordeal.

No charges have been filed against any of the family members for their actions.

Take a look at the video below for full details on the story:

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