Beth Chapman Shares Photo with Fans Wishing Them A Merry Christmas.

Despite going through “incurable” throat cancer as described by her husband Dog Chapman last week, Beth Chapman has still shown that she is as strong as ever.

It was in September last year when she was diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo emergency surgery to remove a tumour from her throat. Following surgery, Beth was declared as in remission and for over a year, everyone thought that everything was all good.

However, a couple of months ago, Beth was rushed to California’s Cedars-Sinai hospital, Los Angeles to undergo another surgery to remove the tumour. Sadly, this time the doctors were concerned that it had spread.

A few weeks later, it was confirmed that the cancer had spread and that it was incurable. Although Beth is going through difficult times with her husband Dog, she remains strong.

Her husband Dog has stated in several upsetting interviews about the struggles that his wife is facing and has asked that their fans to pray for his wife so that she can overcome this horrible disease. He was hopeful that some sort of Christmas miracle would get him out of this nightmare that he was currently living.
Beth did not want to miss out on Christmas and has managed to even post a video during her treatment about what she wants for Christmas.

She shared a video on Facebook which said: “Dear God, all I want for Christmas is healing for all cancer fighters. Amen.”

On Christmas day, she posted a more festive picture with her husband Dog Chapman with the caption “From our house to yours.”

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