Psychologists say “Parents Who Participate In ‘Elf On a Shelf’ Are Damaging Their Kids”

Maybe it will keep the children in line with Christmas coming but it appears you could be generating more harm than you realise.

Consider it for a moment, using an elf in your house who comes alive as you sleep is a bit on the creepy side. There is a possibility it be harmful to your child's psyche?

I mean take a look at this Amazon advertisement, sounds a little over the top, would not you say:

And they return and tell him who's been bad and who's been great.

This is a drama of power in more ways than many realize. Rather than addressing the issues once kids misbehave, parents just say'the Elf is watching you behave' or'the Elf will tell Santa to leave all your gifts behind in the event that you behave like that.' It is a temporary fix motivating them to act when they need something.

“There is a really clear message with something like [Elf on the Shelf] and also the whole Santa Claus'naughty or nice' notion, which is: If you are good, you're going to get stuff.”

It is not doing our children any favors by forcing them to be materialistic. If used incorrectly, many psychologists have emphasized how dangerous this type of thing could be. A few years ago Dr. Vanessa Lapointe, a parenting expert wrote on this subject stating the Elf on the Shelf isn't for her, also noting how many parents could elect to maintain the elf without going overboard with it.

The entire idea behind this is in fact less fun for the kids as you may believe. Using a snitch watching their every movement is not likely to make them respect the concept even though it does cute things through the evening.

Behavior issues will not be solved overnight. Maybe using Elf on the Shelf in another way may work better. Rather than using him as someone who watches for poor things maybe he should concentrate on the great deeds.

Although many are likely to be quite split, I think in the end of the day whatever you opt to do in regards will be OK.

Have a look at the video below for additional information on this issue.

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