December Born Babies are Extra Special – Confirmed by Science

In March 2010, during my pregnancy, I found out that I was having a December baby. I was worried about my baby having her birthday shared with Christmas so that she never got to enjoy her own special birthday because everyone would be too busy to remember. I also worried about how no-one would attend her birthday party as they were too busy preparing for the winter celebrations.

But to be honest, it was something that was out of my control, and in December 2010, my precious little daughter arrived, more perfect than I ever imagined.

As the years went by, I actually realize that my little girl had the most unique and special birthday that will never be forgotten. My feelings of worry transformed into happiness because even though her birthday was very close to Christmas, it was still a special day.

Everyone thinks their child is the best and the cutest, but my little girl is truly the crème de la crème. A recent article published by Motherly has confirmed my thoughts about having a December baby.

So let me tell you something, do you know that September is the most popular birthday month. All those happy spirits during the Christmas and New Year’s season really help for conception, because bang! Usually 9 months later, a baby pops out!

Although September is the most popular, December is actually the rarest as most people during the conception time in March are just so done with winter that they don’t even have time for romance!!

What I am trying to tell you is that although December is a month that has been allocated to Christmas, the number of babies born during November to January are actually rare. This has actually been confirmed by various studies which have also confirmed that those born In December have some distinct and unique qualities.

One of these qualities is that those born in December are more likely to be left handed which is much more rarer than those that are righthanded. This is confirmed by the fact that my little girl is the only one in the extended family who is left handed. I guess that is really because of her birthday month. I remember the day when we found out that she was a lefty as she was playing with her day and threw her glove back at him when playing catch rather than the ball!

Another interesting fact that was published in Journal of Aging Research is that “the December-born have a significantly higher risk of surviving up to age 105+” in comparison to those born in other months of the year. This means your Christmas baby is going to have a longer lifetime where they can experience more joy and happiness than others.

It also makes you wonder what kind of career December babies will have in the future. At the moment, I can see her love for animals so wonder if she will want to be a vet. However, an article published by The Guardian suggests that those born in December are more likely to become dentists. Luckily for me, I can make use of her dental talents with my not so perfect teeth!

Motherly also reports another pro which can be a con at the same time. It says that those that are born in December tend to wake up early but at the same time, they go to sleep earlier. So at least that makes up for those early rises.

And even zodiac stars confirm this, they say that kids born in December are either a Capricorn which are known for their caring and determination , or Sagittarius which love to travel and love to socialized. All of these traits are in my daughter for sure, she loves animal and wants to go and see them in their natural habitats and she is such a social butterfly who enjoys talking and playing with everyone.

About her being helpful, this can’t be more true. She loves to help me out, even her teacher confirms this as she’s always trying to help out in the classroom. Any parent would be proud of her.

It’s been 8 years now as a mother to a December baby and all I can say is that it is truly a blessing. Although her birthday is right in-between days of decorating Christmas trees and making Christmas cake, it’s still been celebrated every year for her whole 8 years of life. It’s soon her birthday and we can’t wait to celebrate it as a family.