Being a full-time parent is HARDER than actually going to work

Society has long been accustomed to that stay at home parents are living an easier life than those that actually go out to work every day. However, a recent study has revealed that stay at home moms are actually doing more work than the average full-time job. This is particularly true for new parents rather than those who have older children.

Staying at homes is even harder than going out to work. A recent study has concluded that 31% of parents did in fact agree that staying at home and caring after a baby is harder than going out to work. While 55% agreed that having a baby in general is difficult, with a further 20% believing that being a parent is very difficult.

Just under 50% of mothers also said that they would not have been able to manage being responsible for a baby without receiving advice from their own mothers.
Having baby wipes is a must Aveeno Baby conducted a survey and discovered that just under half of parents thought that having a family was great. At the same time, they believed that having baby wipes actually made their family life much easier.

Although this may be seen unsurprising due to how handy baby wipes are. They are good for cleaning up sick, spills, milk and even giving baby toys a wipe every now and again.

Love makes it worth it
Having a baby full time may be difficult, but it is such a loving experience that makes it worthwhile. When you love someone so much, no matter how hard it is, you forget about the bad and just focus on the good.

What do you think of working and raising a child? Which is easier?!