New York states enacts law allowing pets to be buried near their human owners

The loving bond between a pet and their own cannot be described by words. Only those that have a pet can understand this unique bond with your pet. They are really your best friend that will remain loyal to you know matter what.

Owners that lose their pets experience periods of loneliness and sadness. This is also experienced by pets when they lose their owners. However, their strong bond remains no matter what.

The law allows humans to be buried in a pet cemetery if they chose to do so; however, their furry friends were not allowed to be buried in human cemeteries.

But the state of New York has recently enacted a new law that allows beloved pets to be buried next to their owners in human cemeteries.

New York laws now recognize the love that can occur between an owner and their furry pet so has taken this into consideration when creating this ground-breaking law.

Some cemeteries are exempt from this law such as certain religion cemeteries. Although the cemetery may choose to approve the request. However, all other cemeteries are not exempt from this ruling which provides comfort for those who have a special relationship with their furry creatures

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