Airline CEO gives first class seat to a senior on a plane

Every time we hear about an airline mentioned in the media, it’s often about something bad that they have done. It is certainly uncommon to hear about positive stories relating to airlines.

This story though is an exception to what you may have read in the past. On that positive note, let’s reveal how this story unfolded

Rebecca Kuchar Krutz was seated on her United Airlines flight in the economy cabin. She had heard that the CEO of the airlines- Oscar Munoz- was also going to be taking the same flight as her. However, she assumed that he would he seated in first class given his position as an executive in the company.

Rebecca had her eye on Monoz when she first saw him. That’s what you would naturally do when you come into contact with anyone famous.

A few minutes later, an elderly woman boarded the plane. Rebecca reckoned that she was between the ages of 80 and 90.

Rebecca posted what unfolded on her Facebook account:
“I’m a pretty loyal Delta Airlines customer. But tonight, I was on a flight w the CEO of United. I was a bit surprised seeing him walk back into the economy section of the plane to take his seat. Seated in front of me on the plane was an elderly lady in her 80’s (maybe even early 90’s). She didn’t appear to be in great health and had a bit of a hard time with her speech. Prior to boarding, I’d seen Oscar (the CEO) make his way out of a crowd of people in order to go over and speak w her.”

Rebecca felt happy to see how Oscar took his time to have a small chat with the elderly woman. But even more surprising what the he had insisted that she took his place in first class.

The conversation between the lady and a man sitting next to her was overheard by Rebecca. The elderly women expressed that she was initially nervous when she was approached by the CEO of such a large company, but soon felt so comfortable with how kind and genuine he seemed as he exchanged some small talk with her.

“That, ladies and gentlemen, is how it should be done. Treat our elders with the respect and care they deserve. I may very well be a lifelong United customer after witnessing that act of selflessness by a man who likely has his own private plane, and yet was humble enough to give up his seat to an elderly lady he’d never met before, because he thought she’d be more comfortable there. United “, Rebecca added to her Facebook post.

Her Facebook post has since gone viral. Oscor Monaz was later interview by the Houston Chronicle about what had happened. He simply said he was acting the way he had been raised and that the elderly deserved nothing but respect. He felt that what he did was just the natural way of behaving.

What a humbling gesture by United Airline’s CEO! Please share the article to show how respect is the only way to treat the elderly in our society!