Dad spots man behind two boys shoveling snow on driveway- read what happens next

It’s the season of goodwill. Christmas is that time of year where the wintery weather is mixed with the warmth of our hearts.

Daniel Medina from Wilconsin spotted something strange one evening and decided to share what happened on his Facebook. Read this story to see what happened during one cold day.

Daniel is the father to two sons age 6 and 10. They were all on in the car as he drove round in the neighborhood.

His two sons suddenly asked him to stop the car. Initially, Daniel was confused by their request.

That particularly evening was extra cold, and it was very snowy outside.

Then suddenly, Daniel caught glimpse of a man on the sidewalk.

The man was in a wheelchair, yet was shoveling snow!

Shoveling snow in cold weather like the one on that evening is very tricky, even for those who are strong and abled, yet alone for the man that was in the wheelchair.
Daniel and his boys immediately got out of the car to help the struggling man. It wasn’t just Daniel who had this immediate instinct to help, but it was also his two young sons who had the same caring gesture.

Daniel couldn’t have been prouder of the compassion held by his sons. Although the weather was freezing, they were determined to help the wheel bound stranger who was struggling on the street.

They knew that if they worked together then they would be able to shovel the snow quickly and help the man.

Soon after, they were quicky able to shovel the snow and the job was done.

Not everyone has the instinct to help others, especially if the weather is cold and they are warm in their own cars. Only those that have kind hearts would do the same

Daniel expresses how proud he was of his sons on a post on Facebook which was shared by thousands who showed positive comments to their kind hearts.

This story shows that there are still some that care about others than themselves, they deserve to be paid a tribute so don’t hesitate to share this article.